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What To Do If My Water Meter Is Leaking

What To Do If My Water Meter Is Leaking

H1/What To Do If My Water Meter Is Leaking?

Some water meter boxes are located near the house! While others are buried in the ground in front of houses or the easement between the street and the sidewalk. However, regardless of where your water met is positioned, you can surprisingly find on them a leak!

H2/Noticing Water Meter Leaking? Here's What To Do:

· If you detect water dripping directly from your wall-mounted water meter and piping, or if you notice a puddle of water on the ground beneath the meter, you leak. Lift the cover if your water meter is in the ground. Yes, it is a leak if you notice water dripping. The first step is to contact our water leaking experts to learn more about what has to be done. Your meter may require replacement.

· A screwdriver or a pair of pliers may be required to open the meter box at times, so keep them on hand in case you need them.

· Also, it is better to investigate your water meter situation precisely, and that's will be done by calling our professional plumbers.

H2/Tips To Check Water Meter Leaks

Ø Turn off all sources of water in the house. This includes faucets, dishwashers, and washing machines, among other things. It would be best to make certain that no water is being used.

Ø Purchase a key for your water meter. Most home improvement retailers carry this item. It's a long rod with a key at the top and a knob at the bottom that turns on and off the water in your house. The lid on your city water meter connection is opened using this key.

Ø Look for your water meter. A domestic water meter is usually located at the curb in front of your home. Look for a black or white steel lid in the grassy area between your street sidewalk and your roadway.

Ø To open the lid, use the key.

Ø Keep an eye on the meter. One of two meters will be provided: a Pinwheel with silver and black stripes or a Triangle (this is the most common). Examine the pinwheel or triangle closely to check if it is moving. If this is the case, it indicates that water is going through the meter, indicating that you have a leak and are being charged for water you are not using.

Ø Could you take note of how quickly it spins? A slow-moving triangle or pinwheel usually signals a modest leak, such as a running toilet. Faster rotations imply a larger leak, the type that is easily recognized.

H2/Expert In Water Meter Leaks!

If your meter reveals a leak, contact our company's plumbing professionals straight away, and we will take care of the problem! Please also note that water leak detection and repair are critical for decreasing water waste and saving money on water bill charges. So, why waste money and time while you can call us to help with any water leaking!

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